Jarsto's Writing Blog

February 11, 2006

Back On Track

Well I managed 500 words again today. It's still early, but I think this is enough for today; the writing isn't going as easily as I had hoped it would. I also need to design (part of) a space station before I can really get writing tomorrow, so I'll do some of that before I go to sleep.

February 10, 2006

Calling It Quits Early

It's early and I've done only 100 words, but I just can't seem to focus on the writing. I'm leaving it at just 100 words today, at least I'm now poised to start some real action. With luck the action will boost my wordcount over the weekend.

The one thing I fear in doing this is a repeat of what happened to Lightning last year. "I'll just do a little less today" somehow grew into not doing anything at all and leaving the work unfinished for a year. This time I'm going to finish it, one way or the other. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

A Bit Late To Post

I'm a bit late to post to night. I managed to get my 500 words well before midnight, but I got distracted before I could post here. What was I distracted by? The Lib-Dem leadership special of BBC Question Time. In short I'm up after midnight watching the leadership debate of the third party in a country I don't live in and don't get to vote in... I may just need a hobby.

February 08, 2006

Quick Endings

Maybe it's just an echo of the way Flame Dancer's caught me by surprise, but Lightning may turn out shorter than I thought it was going to be. It 58,400 words there's still a way to go, but for quite a while I thought it would go close to 100k. Now I'm thinking 80k is more likely.

The problem with my current scenes is that they don't really have as much action as they should. That's one of the things keeping at 500 a day, I think. For today at least I still wasn't feeling well which didn't help either. And I managed to get the 500, so I can't complain too much.

In other news I'm learning about the dangers of quoting Jane Austen (as I did a few days ago on this blog). I picked up Pride and Prejudice to make sure my quote was 100% accurate, now I'm reading it, again!

February 07, 2006

Clocking Off Early

Generally I tend to write until after 23:00. You can tell from the time stamps on my posts here, usually made right after I clock off for the day. Today I'm an hour (or more) early. But I have done 500 words. I would have liked to do some more, but I have a cold that's trying to get a promotion to fever. It's early for me, but right now I'm more than ready to turn in.

February 06, 2006

New POV: New Problems

I've switched POV again and the writing is suffering. Lightening bounces the POV back and forth between two MCs, with one anomalous chapter (so far) in a completely different POV. When I picked up again I started in the anomalous chapter. Then I took the female MC. Now it's my male MCs turn. So just when I had found Kit's voice again, I've left it. Now I have to find Kevin's instead. But in spite of that I did (just) manage to get 500 words in today, so it's not a complete disaster.

February 05, 2006

I'm... Plotting???

The horror!

Well no, there's nothing wrong with plotting. I'm just surprised because I've never done it before on the scale I did it today. I've only plotted out the next two pieces, but I've done far more detail than I'd usually do. Still it seems to have given me a break.

By determining that my female MC would be feeling the strain of struggling to help keep the ship running I managed to take her through 803 words today, with some more to come tomorrow before I'm done with this stretch of the story. It's not what you'd normally call "Lightning fast" but Lightning is getting faster.

The notes on Flame Dancer are also growing. It's amazing what you can think of without even reading anything back.