Jarsto's Writing Blog

July 04, 2006


I'm currently taking a break from studying. It's late already but with the hot weather we're currently experiencing here late is among the better times to study. The exam's tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it. It's relatively late, but not late enough for things to really cool down any. Still the hall in which I'll be taking it usually isn't too hot.

But now let's get to what this blog's supposed to be about: the writing. I'm using this break to do a number of things, one of them was jottting down a few lines of world-building for Gordian Knot, the upcoming re-write/edit project. It was literally just two sentences about the state of space piracy among humans. Then it happened: a plot-bunny jumped into my head.

It's not a very big plot bunny yet. Just a very basic idea about a private war against pirates and infiltrating a pirate crew. It's not like I needed another idea for a novel, at last count I'm up to twenty five or so specific plot ideas. But the fact is, I just can't say no to a cuddly new plot-bunny when it jumps into my head.

I'll keep it there, just in my mind, for now. I'm pretty sure that at some point it will go into my written notes with more detail. In time it will be ready to be written. If I ever get past the twenty-five already waiting...