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September 04, 2006

Figured Out The Problem

I just figured out and broke through a problem I've been having with writing the last several days. I'm writing new material now, but my mindset was still "this is the second draft, it has to be good" rather than "first drafts are allowed to suck". I've now gotten back into the latter mindset and the words are flowing again.

I'd always planned to do an extra edit on the newly written parts of this second draft, but somehow my mindset didn't follow quite the right way. Hopefully I can cover some ground and make up for lost time now that I've broken through.

In other news however I've found something else to distract me from writing. The Dutch NaNo Podcast (working title). It'll be a podcast, in English, centred around NaNoWriMo and the people from the (Dutch language) Holland & Belgium regional lounge. It's going to be aimed at all NaNo participants, which is one reason I'm still a bit hesitant about using "Dutch" in the title. It's going to be in English, not in Dutch, for one thing. Since I hope to have episode zero by Wednesday I guess I'll have to decide pretty soon though.


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