Jarsto's Writing Blog

March 10, 2006

All Typed Out

Well I finished the big typing thing today. Everything that was written on paper has now been entered into the file. I didn't add much to it today, just over a hundred words, but I decided to give my wrists a rest after all of that.

March 09, 2006

Not A Lot Written Lately

I haven't been writing a lot lately. In fact yesterday and today will be days without any new words. Yesterday was my birthday and I was sort of focused on that, today I've started typing in all the words I've built up on paper. I hope to finish that and start new production again tomorrow.

I actually did a few new words today - I can't help editing and adding a little when I type it in - but I carefully marked out the days I wrote on originally in the hand written version and those days are where the counts are registered.