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August 22, 2006

Good Head For Worldbuilding - Bad Head For Writing

It appears that for the last few days my writing/re-writing mode has been switched off, and my worldbuilding mode has kicked in. I'm struggling to make any words on the re-write I have in progress, but the worldbuilding for my possible NaNo project has really taken off. I'm currently doing basic designs for a space ship, working out a few centuries worth of future history, and mapping out some complex social taboos.

To an extend I'm actually pleased that the situation has balance. If the worldbuilding were going as poorly as the re-write I'd get really depressed about writing. As it is though the re-write ought to have priority, to my mind, but can't seem to get the words that go with that. Possibly I have to work out in a little more detail who has to say what in the scene I'm now working on. It's one of the tough scenes: it falls between a section rewritten to the point where it's unrecognisable, and a section that will be inserted entirely new. I have to connect those two, convey the sentiments originally in the scene AND add a new level of complexity to one of the sub-plots.

Anyway I've called it a day as far as actual rewriting is concerned. Only a little over 450 words on the new version today, and probably close to twice that in worldbuilding for Tech Runners. I'm going to try to do some planning for the new section ahead in the rewrite before I go to sleep. I'm going to need half a dozen new characters, split pretty evenly in white and black hats, to carry that one off.


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