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February 05, 2006

I'm... Plotting???

The horror!

Well no, there's nothing wrong with plotting. I'm just surprised because I've never done it before on the scale I did it today. I've only plotted out the next two pieces, but I've done far more detail than I'd usually do. Still it seems to have given me a break.

By determining that my female MC would be feeling the strain of struggling to help keep the ship running I managed to take her through 803 words today, with some more to come tomorrow before I'm done with this stretch of the story. It's not what you'd normally call "Lightning fast" but Lightning is getting faster.

The notes on Flame Dancer are also growing. It's amazing what you can think of without even reading anything back.


  • Good on you! :)
    I didn't do that well word wise today, but ...
    I did come up with an idea for a stolen car the Detective is looking for.
    I only need to find out how many kilometres 40 miles is again, and how long a drive that is (to and fro) ... that means research in the morning.
    And why am I writing miles instead of kilometres again??

    By Blogger Cayendi, at 01:51  

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