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August 24, 2006

About To Start New Material

I finally managed to clear the last of the difficult re-write scene today. That means the next writing on Gordian Knot (v2) will be new material, not in the first draft. I sort of cheated by belatedly moving the next scene to a different place in the outline. But with the new subplot I'm about to inject it was just giving away stuff too early. Of course it will now be hell to get it in the right POV without breaking the "one POV per chapter" target I've set myself, but that's for later. Right now I have half a dozen characters to invent.

One point of interest about the upcoming subplot: I plan to write one chapter of it from the black-hat POV. I don't often do this, but in this subplot it's probably best. Besides we're talking traitors here, which means I do get to keep the POV within one space-ship crew. I like to keep the POV characters in a clearly defined group.

Finally the fact that I slept badly last night is manifesting itself in interesting ways. For example my eyes seem to be very sensitive. I'm typing this while wearing a pair of sunglasses. Even though sunset was nearly two hours ago. But they make my screen more tolerable, and with a mild head-ache already present I definitely don't need any glare. Unfortunately my favourite blue sunglasses are currently elsewhere (I'll retrieve them this weekend). For some reason I often write better while wearing blue sunglasses - go figure.


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