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February 06, 2006

New POV: New Problems

I've switched POV again and the writing is suffering. Lightening bounces the POV back and forth between two MCs, with one anomalous chapter (so far) in a completely different POV. When I picked up again I started in the anomalous chapter. Then I took the female MC. Now it's my male MCs turn. So just when I had found Kit's voice again, I've left it. Now I have to find Kevin's instead. But in spite of that I did (just) manage to get 500 words in today, so it's not a complete disaster.


  • I've never looked at changing pov's like this.
    I've always felt very comfortable changing pov's, and never really think about it.
    Interesting to see your take on it.

    By Blogger Cayendi, at 00:55  

  • I don't usually have this type of problem with changing POV either. But because this work has been stalled for so long I have to find the voices of the POV characters again. Apparently that happens one character at a time, as I actually write them. I suppose I should be glad there are really only two of them.

    By Blogger Jarsto, at 20:08  

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