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August 11, 2006

Back To Business

Well call me old-fashioned but I thought I'd get back to the true subject of the blog this time, how's the writing going. Well, technically I'm not sure whether it's writing or editing. I'm calling it editing, but when I compare it with the old version I don't think many sentences escape untouched, and I am retyping everything from scratch. Re-write may be a better description.

Whatever it's called, it's doing quite well. I had a somewhat slow start, I'll grant, but now I'm starting to hit my stride. Yesterday was actually a below average day with some 750 words. Today I made up for it, 1290 to get the average for the past two days back to over 1000. The next section will be more difficult than the one I've almost finished with. I'm dropping in two new sub-plots and probably half a dozen extra characters.

I've had an ache in my upper back the last few days. Fortunately it hasn't interfered with my writing as much as it has with other things. It makes it more difficult to really focus on anything, but writing takes a slightly different form of concentration it seems. Of course changing the way I sit every few minutes does slow things down. Still with 1290 today I can't really complain.


  • Good to hear about your progress :)

    I can sympathise with your back being a form of distraction.
    Though my back (lower) is doing better than it was in March, it has changed a lot of things. I find I can't use my laptop for a long time in the same position (ie on my lap or the coffee table sitting on a footstool). Like you, I keep shifting position.
    I can manage when it's on my desk, unfortunately, I sit with my back towards the tv then ... and that's a pain in the neck :)

    By Blogger Cayendi, at 20:47  

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