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February 22, 2006

Struggling, But Made It

The words didn't come as easily as I'd half expected today. It was still a struggle for each word and after I got the first 200 the next 300 seemed like a bloody long way to go. But I managed to get over the line in the end so I can't complain. Today's 500 also lifted me over the 64,000 word mark. It's not bad, but with the end rapidly approaching I think Lightning will end up being a bit on the short side for a novel.


  • Don't think about that too much. Maybe during the editing phase you'll think of scenes to add.
    Or maybe when you're doing a final wordcount, using this link as a guideline: http://www.pammc.com/count.htm, it may just make the right count :)

    By Blogger Cayendi, at 00:48  

  • I doubt that link would help my count any, there's not a lot of short dialogue in Lightning. Also it would depend on the publisher whether that system should be used or not. Some do indeed prefer a calculated wordcount, but the advice I've always received is "check the guidelines", because some want the actual wordcount.

    By Blogger Jarsto, at 19:04  

  • You have a point :)

    By Blogger Cayendi, at 22:25  

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