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February 21, 2006

Not Many Words, But The Worst Should Be Over

I did a little better today than yesterday, but not much, 276 words in all to be precise. But those 276 have carried me over the point I was half dreading for the last few days. Within 2000 words after my Kevin's father died his older brother just died as well. I knew this was going to happen, I'm the sadistic bastard who thought it up after all, but that didn't make writing it any easier.

Something else should help things go more easily tomorrow as well. This was my final scene from Kevin's POV for the time being, the end of this chapter. That means I get to switch POV and deal with the emotions second hand for a while. It should be easier to write that way, both for my own emotional involvement and for believability.


  • You pulled through though, and that's the most important. Good on you :)

    I wrote zilch today ... not because nothing came to mind, but because I realised after watching 'Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy' that I was too bloody tired. I already wrote 'write in the morning instead of evening' on a piece of paper ... because there is too much going on in the evenings

    By Blogger Cayendi, at 23:50  

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