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February 20, 2006

A Little Lightning

Just a little on Lightning today, but at least I managed to pick it right up again. Roughly 200 words for the day is not a great achievement, but I've been quite tired today, partly my own fault, I stayed up reading a bit too long last night. Just long enough that the sleepiness went away again and I had a devil of a time getting any sleep.

Tonight I'm making myself promise to put the lights out in time. It's a little easier tonight; I finished the book I kept reading last night around noon today.

Now on a side note for the day, something I noticed about modern news. Perhaps it just caught my eye today, but when did the news start to be reported in the future tense? I just finished reading an article provided online by BBC news that reports about an upcoming piece in a magazine that "... will accuse... will say (used several times)... will also accuse... will compare... will describe... will add:..." etc.

It reminds me - perhaps I should say it will remind me? - of some pieces of The Hitchhiker's Guide series by Douglas Adams, where the news is reported from the future by reporters travelling through time. I guess I just missed the news flash that the BBC has perfect this technique already.


  • I'm glad you managed to write on 'Lightning' again.

    the news thing hadn't caught my eyes, but then again ... I'm not that up to date with news items *bows head in shame*

    By Blogger Cayendi, at 00:16  

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