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February 13, 2006

The First Day It's Official...

and I didn't make my 23:00 target time. Even so I'm calling it quits with just over 250 words for the day. I'm okay with that for today because I did spend part of my writing time on space station design again.

Actually calling what I've designed a space station is an insult to honest space stations everywhere. It's a loose grouping of ships held together by tubes. The reason it's a station is that the ships have had their drives removed, except for a few small units used to keep the station in one place. It's sort of a low budget do-it-yourself space station.


  • low budget space station?
    I see plastic plates glued together with neon coloured scoubidou strands sticking out of them :D

    For some strange reason I'm actually proud of you stopping at eleven despite not making the full count. Good on you :)
    (says she who just finished her count for today while she should have already been in bed - Oh, the irony!)

    By Blogger Cayendi, at 23:57  

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