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February 19, 2006

Dangerous Decision

I made a dangerous decision today. Actually I made it about ten minutes before writing this. The decision? I decided not to work on Lightning today. I just can't get focused on Lightning. Keving still has the POV and I can't get anywhere near the emotions he's feeling at this point. I've decided it's just too distant to try to write it now.

I'll be doing some worldbuilding work on other projects instead of the work on Lightning. That makes me feel less guilty about this, but it does little to offset the danger of the decision. The danger is, of course, that what happened last year will repeat itself. That "I'll just take a break today" will suddenly become "I haven't done anything on that in eleven months". Here's hoping it won't happen.


  • It's annoying when you can't get into the right mood/setting for an emotional scene.
    I'll try and help you remember to not leave 'Lightning' rest for too long.

    By Blogger Cayendi, at 02:17  

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