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August 10, 2006

In August A Young Man's Fancy....

... lightly turns to thoughts of November. Yes the first official warning has come, NaNoWriMo will descend upon us again this year. Time for those of us who are insane enough - quite possibly bitten by a few rabid dogs as well as the writing bug - to turn our thoughts to plots and world-building all in preparation for this great event.

The first thoughts are always tentative. I have an official candidate plot/world in mind for this year. I'm actually worried I may be over planning. Last year's world congealed in the final days of October, the plot in the first week of actual writing. That strategy carried me for 104,505 words, more than twice the victory limit of 50k.

Of course I didn't just think up stuff late October last year, so I may be okay. Some of the world-building/concepts that made up Flame Dancer (finished up at 127k January 31st) had been knocking about on my hard-drive or in my mind since 2003 or 2004. And Flame Dancer was a fantasy world, my current candidate, Tech Runners, is science fiction. That means I need more technology worked out before I jump in and start writing, bitter experience has taught me that once already.


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