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January 28, 2006


I just don't know what to do with, or think about, my characters any more. Every time I convince myself they're just figments of my imagination they insist on committing independent action. Some 57,000 words ago two of my characters decided they were attracted to each other. I didn't mind that.

It wasn't anything explicit, but it was there. The young emperor fighting to stay on his throne, the lieutenant of the legions looking up to his emperor. There were a few things in the background, but it wasn't an issue in the book. They were hundreds of miles apart for a long time, so they didn't exactly have much of chance I suppose.

But now they've decided to be more open about it. The lieutenant has claimed POV for a while (he'd had it once or twice before, so it's not a huge shock) and is moving to pretty clear show of affection. I have nothing against it, but I certainly hadn't planned on it.

And I thought I was supposed to be writing this thing! Right now I feel like I'm just a puppet put up as a front by some characters.

On the other hand I did get over 1100 words out of this, with two hours still left in the day to write more if I feel like it. So it's certainly not a totally bad thing, it just hurts my sense of control.

PS For a great take on the subject of authors and characters (and a great laugh) check out Author Versus Character by Lazette Gifford. Don't drink anything while reading this, it will leave through your nose!


  • I just read Lazette Gilford's piece. It was hilarious :)

    By Blogger Cayendi, at 16:41  

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