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January 26, 2006

Today's Scores

1026 words done.
160 or so dead in a skirmish.
12 or more wounded, including one significant character.

Needless to say I feel quite good about this. I'm not satisfied yet with the 160 number, or rather not with the kill ratio it represents. As it stands now only about 30 of those are good guys, which gives a better than 4 to one ratio. I'll have to see if this can be explained sufficiently. They did have two advantages, they're better trained and they were on horseback, the others were amateurs fighting on foot.

More important than the figures though is the fact that the fight scene was quite easy to write. I'm not entirely sure the POV won't change when I start editing, but even from a sub-optimal POV the action got the writing going again. Since I'm looking at more action for the immediate future that hopefully means I'll feel good about what I'm writing again for a while. I can keep going when I don't think it's good, but this is quite frankly much nicer to do.


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