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June 05, 2006


I once wrote, half joking, in my profile here that I'd addicted to writing; now I have a little story to tell about that. But first a bit of good news: Absolute Write seems to be fully back. Unfortunately I don't currently have a lot of time to celebrate, I should be doing something else (other than writing this blog) but decided I needed a slight break from studying to keep my head from exploding.

Now on to my addiction, I'm beginning to think it's even more real than I thought when I wrote my profile here. Singer is a case in point.

Singer is the working title of what was, until a few days ago, only an idea in the world-building stage. As of this writing its 1801 words of story, the start of a novel, with rather too little world-building supporting it. I broke two promises to myself in writing those 1801 words:
1) don't start writing until you've done the world-building
2) edit/rewrite Gordian Knot before starting another project
But damn it felt good. There's a unique rush from getting a new story flowing out. Just world-building can't quite compare, however much I like world-building. Editing I don't particularly love, though I like the result. Long story short: I really am addicted to writing something new regularly.

Still it's not the end of the world. Fortunately besides having next to no world-building done on Singer (quite a few important points, but none of the details to make the world real) I have little idea where the story will go. I'm nearing the end of chapter one, and probably won't write too much after that for a while. I'll just let it sit at a single chapter and do my rewrite on Gordian Knot. Then I can hopefully sent Gordian Knot out to hunt agents while I get back to world-building for Singer and possibly editing something else.

Well I've now spent nearly 15 minutes of "I should be studying" time on this entry, which is probably enough. More to the point I've said what I wanted/needed to say. One final thought: if I had to have an addiction at least I seem to have picked a relatively inexpensive and inoffensive one and one that doesn't usually demand very much time.


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