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January 24, 2006

My First Comment!

I got my first comment on the blog, and it's not even from a member of my family!

In the time honoured tradition of blogging I've decided to repost the comment and reply to it. Many thanks to Becca for providing the comment.

"I saw you on Miss Snark's blog and decided to come exploring. Last night, in a fit of motivation (or maybe it was the residual effect of the Theraflu) I though about doing 1000 words a day on my WiP--the sequel to a book I just queried agents about.

I decided to aim for 500 on workdays and 1000 on weekends. We'll see what happens.

I go through these obssessive fits of writing where I want to nothing but sit in front of my computer and type all day. Unfortunately, I have another semester of school to teach before I can do that again.

Miss Snark's blog is a great read and while I wasn't actually on the blog itself I do occasionally comment on it, always hoping the supreme goddess of snarkiness will not crush me beneath her stilettos for the impudence. So far my comments have avoided the nitwittery that would lead to such a dire fate.

Of course I wish Becca luck with her efforts to reach a daily wordcount. One method I've used to keep it up in the past is just not going to sleep unless the wordcount is there. It's simple, brutal and effective. It's also somewhat dangerous if you have to be up in time in the morning, so you have to be careful when you use. And it's dangerous for your figure, I usually kept my energy up by devouring cookies and other sugar-rich products.

I do things differently these days, largely because I decided to stop 'cheating' with the cut off point. Back when I had the before I sleep rule it wasn't unusual for most of the wordcount for January 24 to be written between midnight and one 0'clock in the morning on what was technically January 25. These days 00:00 is the cut off time and if I don't make my goal by then, I just don't make it. I still make it most days because I can almost always manage 1000 words between 22:00 and 00:00. I'm not sure but I don't think it was that easy back in 2003. Experience has its advantages.


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