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January 14, 2006

Ironic Timing

I've been thinking over the possibility of this for a week now, but today suddenly the idea wanted to become a reality. There's a lot of irony in this since it's coming at a moment where I have very little time to write. Indeed I'm not getting a lot of writing done. I just had an exam recently, and I've got another one coming up. And now I'm spending valuable "not studying" time on creating this blog.

Still it should, hopefully, solve a problem. I keep a personal log (it's not called a diary because nothing I've ever called a diary lasted more than a week). It's supposed to be about pretty much everything, but lately the writing seems to be taking over. Granted writing is close to my heart, but there is other stuff I'm supposed to think of when it comes to my personal log. Maybe this will get all of that out of the way. Hell it may even motivate me to write more.


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