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May 02, 2006

Back -- With A Vengeance

Well I never really got back into writing after my forced vacation, until today. Today I did over two thousand words on Lightning, pretty much in one sitting of writing. The last two words? "The End". Lightning is now finished, or at least the first draft is. It's by no means perfect yet, but it'd done and when the time comes to edit I can fix it.

And the time is coming to edit, though not for Lightning yet. I'm not sure yet which project it's going to be, but I've promised myself the next thing I do will be editing, in the hopes of getting something publisher ready. But the first step, whichever project I decided to edit, will be plugging some holes in the world-building. In fact I may well plug a number of holes in the world building for several projects before I pick one to edit.


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